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Our class has read a total of 5324.5 Accelerated Reader points!!! I am so proud of this class. We have set a new record for AR points earned by one class. Please give your child a hug and congratulate him/her. This is a major accomplishment. Every child contributed his/her share. I am very, very impressed, and so are the rest of the faculty and Mr. Stokley and Mr. Davis. Thank you for encouraging and pushing your child to read. We all know how important reading is to everyday life. You, too, played a big part in your child's accomplishment. The class said  that they were not finished when they reached 5,000 points! They really wanted to break 5,000 points. This was a phenomenal goal, and I believed they would make it. As you can see, they reached their goal and passed it! What an inspiration they are to me... I am so very impressed with their determination and drive. Thank you again for your part in this reading program and in your child's education. This class will succeed in any endeavor they choose to pursue. I can't wait to see where the future will take them.




Mrs. Black's 4th Grade Class   

            Mrs. Cathy Black's 4th Grade has been working very hard this year. The students seem to really enjoy Mrs. Black's style of teaching, but who wouldn't? Mrs. Black knows how to get her students ready to learn by playing games to make things more interesting. I think the students really like reviewing for tests. No, they don't review for tests like everyone else, it's actually a game. The girls play against the boys. "The girls are really beating the boys right now," Mrs. Black said with a laugh.

          The students also have fun with science. Mrs. Black told me that her students made earth with ice cream and mountains with brownies. So, not only are they're learning, they're eating too. Even though the students have fun in Mrs. Black's class they've been working hard getting ready for the SAT 10. I have no doubt in my mind that Mrs. Black makes that fun, too.

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